Petr Klapetek

I am working at Czech Metrology Insitute, regional branch Brno, leading Department of Nanometrology. My scientific interests are namely focused on scanning probe microscopy and related methods, data processing and analysis.

In particular I work on the project of metrology scanning probe microscope (SPM) construction that is a key standard for nanometrology in the Czech Republic. This instrument, developed in cooperation with Institute of Scientific Instruments, provides traceability from national length etalons (lasers) to nanometrology and generally to the field of nanotechnology.

In the field of Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM), I am interested in near-to far field transform and transfer of local optical information, polarization in NSOM and calculation of electromagnetic field propagation in full tip-sample volume geometry.

In the field of computation electrodynamics, I am developing GSvit code for fast calculation of electromagnetic field propagation in microscale and nanoscale using Finite Difference in Time Domain method and graphics cards. Graphics cards can increase computation speed by many tens or even hundreds as was reported for other computational methods in literature.

Similarly, I am using graphics cards for classical molecular dynamics calculations, namely for nanotribology purposes.

I am participating on the Gwyddion project, focused on creation of multiplatform open-source software for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) data analysis.

Time to time I am also interested in wavelet transform applications on the field of scanning probe microscopy data processing and acoustics signals processing.

Petr Klapetek
Czech Metrology Institute
Okruzni 31
638 00 Brno
Czech Republic
E-mail: petr (at) klapetek (dot) cz

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